August 23, 2012

Well, while on the subject of remakes, here’s a little something straight out of the proverbial left field: according to It’s On The Grid John Travolta (!!!) has just signed on as an actor for the big-budget remake of The Toxic Avenger (!!! x 2). A video cult classic if there ever was one, it was originally produced by TROMA Entertainment, but this time around they’ve got Akiva Goldsman, Richard Saperstein and Charlie Corwin providing the dough.

Unlike some purists I’ve got no beef about this indie studio making some money off their 80s surprise hit. I mean, they’ve struggled for a good 30+ years and somehow managed to stay afloat without ever compromising their “art” so more power to ’em! And this way they get a nice chunk o’ change enabling them to keep producing more in-house films and distribute other independent horror films worldwide. And I got no problem with that. It’s when I read the statement on Deadline New York that “The group intends to turn Toxie into a green superhero for these environmentally conscious times.” (read more here) I do get a bit antsy. Remake if you must, but please show it some respect.



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