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August 21, 2012

Well, despite the sheer amount of viewers American Idol might have (and it’s a world wide phenomenon), it’s actually business-as-usual for the record industry. A small clique of people that bizarrely enough consider themselves to have the right to dictate what forms of culture you should or should not be exposed to. We call the shots. We write the songs. They might claim otherwise, but it’s all about control. And the biggest lie the record and film industry is promoting right now is that somehow file sharing hurts them the most. Pardon my French, but I’m calling bullshit on that one. It’s porn. The number one thing shared on internet is pornographic films and images – have you heard the porn industry complaining about that lately? Or ever?

File sharing is a great way for music fans to find something new and fresh the mainstream magazines, television shows and radio stations just won’t cover. And for once we have true democracy where everything is available for everybody and a band can rely on grass-roots promotion and actually reach a massive audience. They don’t have to use the traditional channels that’ll cost them a small fortune – agents, managers, pressreleases etc. – and instead can rely on every damn 14-year old kid with a computer, who’s turned out to be a combination of press and MTV if all he/she has is Facebook, an YouTube account and a blog. Granted, it’ll take time, but in the long run it’ll generate better press than any PR-firm can hope to achieve.

Brilliant recording engineer and musician Steve Albini shares some more views on this. Check it out:


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