August 17, 2012

So a friend of mine sent me this and it made me laugh out loud. Shit happens indeed. Actually, I spent close to two years working as a shop assistant in a tattoo parlor and I feel I should share this bit of “tattoo superstition” with you: if you ever tattoo your partner’s name on yourself the relationship will end. I know, I know; there’s no scientific research to prove it, just me (and a lot of tattoo artists!) observing. Uh-uh! Not us, you might say, we’ve got a great thing going, right baby? Yeah well, I’m not one to rain on your parade – if you’ll allow me to be a bit “sappy” I honestly believe that a good, decent partner’ll cure a lot of your ills – but I saw some of the cutest couples inking each others names and sure enough, they break up. And on a regular basis you had customers coming in wanting to remove/cover-up the name of some ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. Things went weird after this, they say. Also with some regularity.

To add more “fact” to this superstition I gotta admit I experienced this myself. You see, I’ve had Emma tattooed on my chest and believe me, I haven’t seen her for at least five years. Or maybe it’s getting closer to ten years now. Good thing though that “Emma” easily can be changed to “Mamma”, which is “Mom” in Swedish.


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