August 10, 2012

I stumbled across this via the super creepy Creepy Dolls page on Facebook. TV-host Gene Moss aka Shrimpenstein was one of many cool horror-themed children’s programme entertainers like Ghoulardi or Vampira that also released some nifty novelty records back in the 60s. Looking at clips of these lost slices of Americana I sure wish this phenomena could come back ’cause what could possibly be more fun than late nights spent watching say Carnival of Souls, Plan 9 From Outer Space,and Robot Monster with a cool host hamming it up between commercial breaks?

Oh well. Check out The “Shrimpenstein” Song and visit Creepy Dolls for some disturbing imagery here.



  1. Ooo, I’m going to have to save this for later. Rampaging chainsaw maniacs may become mundane, but creepy dolls will always be creepy. 🙂

  2. Can chainsaws really go out of style 😉 No, I haven’t heard about Las Isla de la Munecas, but I checked your post and it looks like a chilling experience. Thanks 🙂

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