eBay II

August 10, 2012

Well, to be honest this feels a bit shallow considering the pretty heavy theme of my previous post, but the mail man brought me this yesterday – in turn bringing me personal joy and a somewhat childish glee. Yes, I’m getting into the whole genre poster collector scene and recently purchased my first lobby card on eBay: this little beaut from AIPs 70s classic The Incredible Melting Man. It set me back twenty bucks including int’l shipping and will look great framed on my living room wall.

With special effect wizardry from legendary Rick Baker (check out his page on IMDB!) The Incredible Melting Man is a horror sci-fi story about an astronaut getting exposed to radiation during space flight and once back on Earth starts to melt – needing to feed on human flesh in order to survive. Receiving some negative reviews (it’s actually among the bottom 100 titles on IMDB) I still consider it to be a nice piece of 70s schlock. Check out the trailer:


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