From Beyond

August 8, 2012

This is so cool! I found Michael Granberry‘s animated short film From Beyond on YouTube and it’s great. Being a total nerd for all things H.P. Lovecraft it was nice to see this staying pretty true to the original short story with the same name. Now, Michael has done some pretty nice work including stop-motion and music videos so check it out on his official website here and From Beyond can be found on Lurker Films‘ collection Strange Aeons available here.

Speaking of From Beyond – in 1986 Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna unleashed their genre masterpiece based on the same short story. Starring Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) it got some pretty amazing special effects rivaled only by those created by Rob Bottin for The Thing. Check out the trailer and if you haven’t seen it – DO!



  1. Wow! Thanks for the great review, I truly appreciate it!

    • Well, thank you for the nice work, Michael! Keep it up as you have fans all over the world that truly appreciate what you do. And thanks for getting in touch 🙂

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