Suicidal Tendencies

August 7, 2012

Hells yes! There’s certainly tons of great albums being made available on YouTube these days. The major labels and mainstream media conglomerates hates this (of course) while the independents find themselves reaching out to larger audiences – and isn’t that the main focus of promotion? I’ve talked to fellow musicians about the phenomena (including Sal from Electric Frankenstein) and most of us share the same view – fans that take their time to create a cool video using your music should be encouraged and thanked for this new take on grassroots promotion – not dragged into court. This is exactly the same way it was back in the 80s where the best way to spread a band name was tape trading. If the listener truly enjoy what they’re hearing they’ll tell everybody, generating sales and larger audiences at your shows. The industry fighting this are in my opinion short-sighted and pretty much spend tons of $$$ shooting themselves in the proverbial foot.

Anyway, The Suicidal Tendencies had a bad rap back in the 80s, mostly because they came from the wrong side of the tracks and drew a pretty violent crowd to their shows. It got worse for them when they had a hit on MTV with their Institutionalized video – generating laughable rumors about them “selling out”. Their debut album (recorded in a matter of days for $5000) is a US hardcore classic and if you haven’t checked it out – DO! It’s been released on CD that’ll you’ll find online. The video is pretty funny and can you spot Slayer‘s Tom Araya?


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