August 7, 2012

Now, I can’t say I’m that into this musical genre, but being active with so-called plunderphonics with The Norliss Tapes I can see the charm of mashups, using already recorded music in order to create something new. It’s only logical that 30+ years after sampling became a hot commodity a musical genre using only samples would grow and thrive. You can think what you will about the phenomena, but it’s here and at least worth a good look into before you come to any conclusions.

Anyway, via the blog Dangerous Minds I found G3RSt‘s mashup Get Up Hitch A Ride that blends Green Day and Bob Marley seamlessly, with a nicely edited video to boot! I checked YouTube for more material and there’s at least a handful more interesting material so check ’em out!


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  1. […] I recently wrote about G3RSt‘s cool Bob Marley/Green Day mashup Get Up Hitch A Ride (check it out here), but Joey Propeller‘s mashup of Booker T & The MG’s classic Green Onions and Donna […]

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