Life on Mars

August 3, 2012

Wow! Well, I just talked about this with a colleague, and even though he calls me crazy I still gotta admit that the Mars One project sounds great! Maybe it’s me having both my grandfathers being sailors (and one of them serving in WWII) or the fact that most of the Sellergren family migrated to the USA ages ago, but I’ve had this lust for travelling and adventure for ages. I wanna get around, see new places and experience new adventures. So there’s just something very appealing with their mission to start colonizing Mars by 2023.

Granted, it’d be a rough patch and most certainly you’d have to give up the smokes because that air sure’ll be precious. And be willing to leave everything behind because the trip is 100% one-way. Once you’re there you’re stuck. And sure, I’ve seen Total Recall and tons of other sci-fi’s about the red planet and am fully aware of the huge odds for a major SNAFU, but still, it’s pretty damn appealing. Man was meant to explore. Read more about it on their official website here.


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