Ka-bleng, ka-blip, ka-blouie

August 2, 2012

Well, keeping up in the spirit of my posts about The Scientist (and I do consider him and King Tubby some of the best damn engineers out there. Back in 60s and 70s Jamaica these guys were creating some pretty amazing sounds on the most primitive equipment available), I recently got the free Tal-Dub-2 VST from Tohu Audio Line. And suddenly I find myself using it on pretty much everything I’m mixing. It’s kinda like what I jokingly described on my Facebook some time ago when you discover some new hot sauce like tabasco and suddenly you’re putting it on bananas, in your morning coffee, crisp bread, eggs, various pastries, pour it down your ear before listening to Motorhead, mailing it to your friends, give the woman you’re dating some kinky suggestions… Anyway, this thing is a great delay (for a freebie) and if you’re into some more trippy effects it can both help you achieve as well as inspire some great results. You can get it for free via their website here.

Speaking of dub-styled music I recently found this guy Bubureggaesta doing a pretty cool version of Amy Winehouse‘s Rehab on YouTube, and he offers all of his material for free via his SoundCloud here. Check him out!


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