They Live!

July 31, 2012

I got this via The Dude Designs – awesome poster art for John Carpenter‘s classic They Live. Apparently meant to be released as a limitied-edition tribute poster to Roddy Piper, it’s only available to see online right now (as he himself explains there might be some legal/copyright issues to solve before it can be released) so enjoy and drop him an email to pre-order.

If you recognize Thomas‘ style my guess would be you saw his great key art for the Hobo With a Shotgun DVD. He’s done tons of great work, check it out on his website (linked here) or just check out his Facebook here.

Speaking of the movie, Carpenter himself claims it’s his most political movie (so far), dealing with 80s consumerism – and oddly enough it must’ve struck a chord with some conspiracy theorists because some out there claim it to be the truth these days. Anyway, it’s got a bit of an action/sci-fi blend going and if you haven’t seen it (as always) – DO! The trailer:



  1. Oh, posts on The Thing AND The Live? *swoons* 😉

    There was a couple at San Diego Comic-Con this year wearing some excellent They Live costumes.

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