Corman’s World

July 26, 2012

Yes! As the exploitation film genre slowly gathers more and more fans (as it always has despite the efforts of stronger forces) it’s nice to see the producers and directors finally getting their due. Granted, I cringe every time I hear/read the news of yet another old fave becoming a remake but find solace in the sheer amount of material being re-released on DVD – with tons of bonus goodies to boot – on account of it reaching a wider audience. Censors tried their damndest but The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Toolbox Murders and I Spit on Your Grave are still here. And the censors? Well, they’re left with eggs on their face. If anyone even remembers their names that is. Some snobs call it “low-brow” or “b-culture”, but the only culture I’d ever be so brash to call “low” is the one that obviously needs government grants in order to stay alive.

Anyway, Alex Stapleton’s documentary Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel is a tribute to the man that personified exploitation – Roger Corman. Director and producer of 400+ movies the man is a legend that gave the world a multitude of drive-in classics as well as starting whole genres on his own (like the w.i.p.), and – to quote the title of his 1990 self-biography – never lost a dime doing it.  Lots of interviews with actors and directors and filled to the brim of high-octane fun. It probably won’t be released domestically on the Swedish circuit but I am definitely getting a copy of the DVD from Amazon. Read more about it here.

Speaking of Corman’s ouvre, one of my all-time faves is his 1961 The Pit and The Pendulum starring Vincent Price. Based on E.A. Poe‘s short story it’s a beautiful piece of Amercian Gothic. Check out the trailer and try to see it – it’s great!


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