July 24, 2012

Well, I got an inkling of this as far back as in 2004 when I went down to Cologne to mix The Plastiques debut album. During work I was kinda annoyed by how the engineer kept getting an uneven stereo landscape (the right side was more present) and when I finally mentioned it he looked at me funny, checked the speakers as he turned the volume up and down, and then gave me a “it couldn’t be more even dude!” Since then I’ve had my suspicions my hearing might not be up to par anymore (years of standing next to cranked-up amplifiers without any ear protection whatsoever takes its toll).

Well. No more guessing. This simple Online Tone Generator is a good way to check your hearing on your own. Choose your frequency (the human hearing range covers 20 Hz up to 20 000 Hz), press play and then keep going until you don’t hear anything. If your hearing is fine you should have a nice stereo sound (meaning you hear the signal in the “middle” of your speakers or headphones). I can’t say I was shocked finding out I myself have hearing loss on my left ear that starts around 14000 Hertz, but it didn’t feel that great. Anyway, you pay the price for your actions I guess. And yes, I guess we were a bit loud, ha ha ha:


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