New Artwork

July 16, 2012

Well, the fourth EP by The Norliss Tapes is being released pretty soon. Entitled Herz un Liebe EP (“Heart and Love” in German) it kinda goes back to the initial sounds that influenced me to start the project to begin with: the late 60s porn funk sounds found on small-run records available-thru-mailorder-only usually found in the back of old porn magazines circa 1969. Four tracks in total that are pretty funny in a cheeky kinda way, including one of my personal faves entitled Groovy that’s got a nice old-reggae vibe going.

For the sleeve I just lucked out and found this very good-looking model Eva Halloween who’s photo just blew me away. I actually already had artwork finished for the release, but when I saw her photo it was just so striking I had to get in touch with her. I sent off an email telling her about the project and she graciously enough said yes and gave me the go ahead to use it (to which I’m much obliged I might add!). So, the “design” part when it comes to the sleeve was pretty much just working on a logo for the title – that I pretty much got from an old 70s magazine covering 8mm porn loop releases. I decided to go with tacky colors for the band name in order to emulate the aesthetics of 70s-era 42nd Street graphics. Coming soon on Bandcamp and in the mean time there’s little teaser available on YouTube:



  1. Thanks so much for asking me to join in, darling. The new tracks sound great!

    • Well, thank you for saying yes! The sleeve looks so much better than the original design.

  2. SGD,
    The sound is great, and Eva is perfectly fitted. Kudos.
    Le Clown

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