Photo Op.

July 13, 2012

Well, people always find this funny about me (I sure don’t care because I pretty much never really cared) but when it comes to photography I’m just not that into it. And I don’t mean the art of photography or anything like that. I’m talking about going haywire with a camera on a daily/weekly basis in order to share whatever is happening in my life right now – something we see a lot more of in this digital day and age.

Lots of people do it on their blogs or Facebook etc., and that’s cool, but me I’m just not a shutterbug. Never was and probably never will. People ask me what’s happening/going on in my life and I always answer “I’m busy.” Writing an article, writing a piece, working on new songs, editing a video, working on a sleeve/poster/t-shirt design. When I’m done I start all over again.

A friend recently commented “how come there’s almost only pictures of you drinking?” (on my Facebook that is) followed by an odd suggestion I might “have a drinking problem” which made me laugh out loud. People use alcohol as much as they want, but when I’m off tour I drink at most four times. A year. And the reason there’s only photos of me doing that is other people insist on bringing cameras to document every drop they consume and that’s how I end up in these pics.

Anyway. I’m posting my third photo on this blog and this is taken from a photo session The Cymatics did with Delph Fait des Photos. Delphine’s very talented and there were literally tons of pictures taken over what I think was two days. They turned out great so I thought I’d share one. Needs more tattoos don’t you think?


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