July 4, 2012

Well, a friend of mine posted this clip of Johnny Thunders live on Swedish television in 1982 and I gotta say this is just plain awful. Johnny’s strung out on heroin and his performance is embarrassing at best. We’re talking off-beat, slide-beat and no beat whatsoever. Off-key, no-key and help-me-find-my-keyes. Some people seems to think this is “cool” though, and that burning out is something to aspire to when in my opinion it’s just the exact opposite. This has nothing to do with musicianship, creativity or life at all. It’s just dark, destructive and very, very sad. The eternal rebel sacrificing himself for “art” is a myth, a damn myth, and a very dangerous myth. And those that celebrate it and seem to think it’s something to aspire to are rarely the ones that ever comes close to that kind of fire (they can watch it from the safety of their own home) and really should just be spanked and sent to bed without an evening meal.

I personally see creativity as a sort of celebration of life, or maybe even being human. It’s a beautiful gift and it’s what sets us apart from any other form of life on this planet. Say what you will about some of our efforts throughout history but our capability to create something out of nothing makes  us stand out from the rest and it’s something we should take pride in. If you got it – flaunt it, share it, and use it to make other people feel good. Not turn their heads because they’re embarrassed for the clown-act you’re trying to pull that became old and stale the first time somebody was dumb enough to try it.

Anyway, the show never aired on television (of course) on account of the producer’s not seeing this as anything they wanted to show to their youth-oriented audience. Some “punks” (and I use the term in a deragotory way) call this censorship of course because it’s “rock’n’roll”, but I personally feel they actually should’ve aired this with “This is you on heroin” superimposed over the screen in big flourescent letters. Stay away from the drugs kiddies! Try reading a book, paint, cover the town with amazing graffiti or just scream your head off into a microphone instead…


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