June 21, 2012

Well, tomorrow’s Midsummer up here in Sweden so everybody has a day off and pretty much behave as in the above IKEA commercial. An old tradition dating back to pre-Christian days, it’s pretty much a celebration of the summer solstice and even though they exaggerated everything I still think they kinda got the gist of it. Yes, there’s lots of alcohol, there’s bound to be some fist fights (testosterone and alcohol usually generates that kinda stuff), I do agree that some of the food being served might strike foreigners as kinda odd and yes, some people even find some loving in the late hours as well – it is a fertility rite after all. Gotta say that I’m surprised that IKEA’s head offices decided to ban it though, because it’s so obvious in its humor and are some people that insecure about their own culture they can’t poke fun at it?

Anyway, it’s great so check it out for a couple of laughs and read more about this tradition on Wikipedia here.




  1. They missed out the fact that it is always pissing with rain!

    ~The Dippylomat esq.

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