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Bringing Out the Dead

June 29, 2012

Well, I gotta admit things have been kinda slow lately. Talked to a friend about this earlier this week and oddly enough I’m not alone feeling kinda tired and not that energetic right now. Then again, summer has been awful in Sweden so far. We’re talking around ten degrees centigrade (approx. 50 degrees F.) and perpetual rain. Maybe I just need some good old-fashioned sunshine to cheer me up. And unlike what some sources claim they’re a great source for making your body produce Vitamin D.

So it was kinda cool seeing a friend posting this old clip on my Facebook. A great sequence from Scorcese‘s Bringing Out the Dead. One of the darkest movies I’ve seen from him and Nicholas Cage really does a great job portraying a burn-out (although I’ll never forgive the guy for agreeing to do the God-awful remake of The Wicker Man. You are not supposed to go “Yes! Boo-ya!” when they burn the hero in the end). And with The Clash being one of the first bands that got me into punk rock to begin with it’s enough to make me bop in my office chair and cheer up for a moment.



June 21, 2012

Well, tomorrow’s Midsummer up here in Sweden so everybody has a day off and pretty much behave as in the above IKEA commercial. An old tradition dating back to pre-Christian days, it’s pretty much a celebration of the summer solstice and even though they exaggerated everything I still think they kinda got the gist of it. Yes, there’s lots of alcohol, there’s bound to be some fist fights (testosterone and alcohol usually generates that kinda stuff), I do agree that some of the food being served might strike foreigners as kinda odd and yes, some people even find some loving in the late hours as well – it is a fertility rite after all. Gotta say that I’m surprised that IKEA’s head offices decided to ban it though, because it’s so obvious in its humor and are some people that insecure about their own culture they can’t poke fun at it?

Anyway, it’s great so check it out for a couple of laughs and read more about this tradition on Wikipedia here.



Movies R Fun!

June 19, 2012

Here’s some great, funny stuff I was hepped to by The Dude Designs; Josh Cooley‘s great series Movies R Fun! Taken from his book with the same name you get classic quotes from movies like The Big Lebowski, The Shining, The Godfather etc set to 60’s/70’s styled children’s books illustrations. Great work and pretty fun for us movie geeks. Check it out here and I think you can order the book via Josh’s official website here. More samples:



June 11, 2012

Whoof! Well, this weekend sure went by fast! I pretty much spend it all with my face stuck against the monitor – yeah, I know that I need to get glasses Mom! – working on some new song ideas and just having my usual fun kicking around samples to see what I can come up with. Got four new tracks for the upcoming first full-length with The Norliss Tapes (or make that 3½ on account of me wanting to kick around one track a bit more before I consider it finished), and I uploaded two of ’em mixed and mastered on SoundCloud.

First track Super Sound was pretty much inspired by Staffan‘s latest creation that I think he’s gonna call Purdie – that guy takes this stuff to a new level and I’m always pleasantly surprised when he sends me new song ideas – so I pretty much threw in everything I had for that one to up the ante (listen to it on headphones and you’ll see what I mean). Now, I love working like that. We keep pushing each other to do better and better and I gotta admit that friendly competition sure makes interesting stuff happen. It’s just like the saying goes; if you’re half-decent at tennis you sure get better playing against a pro.

Second track Colors of Space was just me having fun with some genuine samples I downloaded from NASA (their audio, video etc. is considered public domain) so I built the song around that. My fave part is the childish excitement displayed by the astronauts when they find orange soil on the Moon. Ah, we all dreamt about being astronauts as kids right?

UPDATE: In order to give music fans value for their money, Colors of Space as been added to the A Trip To the Moon! EP. Check it out here.



June 5, 2012

A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook yesterday. Looks like summer’s been cancelled.

Tomorrow’s Sweden’s National Day and I’m planning on spending it in front of the computer working on new material for The Norliss Tapes.

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