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New Video!

April 20, 2012

Well, I’m pretty much off on a week’s vacation in a couple of minutes but managed to finish up a new video for The Norliss Tapes Trip To the Moon before I leave. A bit more lounge, I used an old public domain commercial for  frigidaires of all things and I used some new tricks for this one and am pretty satisfied with the results.

Check it out, the artwork is below, listen to the track on my Bandcamp here and have a great weekend! I’m back in May.



April 12, 2012

Well, a lot more peeps are checking out this blog after Ox Fanzine hit the streets, so I thought I’d remind that you can find my portfolio on Facebook as well. Join up Sellergren Design – Art is the Enemy here. I received my copy in the mail yesterday and boy is it a beefy issue! As always it was crammed with interviews, columns etc. and it’s gonna take me a while to read through the whole thing. Check it out!

In other news, OFF! just released their first video from their coming second album (sorry, have no idea what the title is) and it’s yet more of the classic HC sounds you’d expect from ex-Black Flag and Circle Jerks frontman Keith Morris. Directed by Richard Kern himself it’s pretty cool and I can’t wait until the CD/LP hit the streets!


Out now!

April 5, 2012

Well, Ox Fanzine #101 is hitting the streets today. I’m pretty excited by it because their circulation is pretty big so it’ll be nice to both get my name as well as The Cymatics out there. Haven’t received my own copies yet, but the issue has interviews/features including Anti-Flag, Napalm Death, the classic HC-label Posh Boy Records and tons more! As usual, the CD is crammed with music and this time you’ll get 27 tracks from bands/labels all over the world!

It is in German language, but if you can read it, you can order you copy by clicking here. I’m off for a couple of days to celebrate Easter.

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