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New Artwork

March 30, 2012

Well, German music magazine  Ox was looking for graphic designers to work something out for their compilation CD and new issue #101 – hitting the streets on April 5th (my birthday! yay!) – features sleeve by yours truly and the rough-mix version of The Cymatics Hang Out on the CD itself. Pretty cool! You can order it online at, but keep in mind the magazine is in German.


New Video!

March 28, 2012

Well, with the two-track teaser A Little Bit Tipsy from the coming Norliss Tapes EP released on Bandcamp yesterday (if you haven’t checked it out, the link is, I decided to give it a little push by editing a new video and upload it on YouTube. Everybody loves children and animals in movies, and drunken monkeys are usually a sure-fire hit. If nothing else, it made me laugh-out-loud when I saw the finished results!

Actually the second I made (the first one using the infamous “drunken guy trying to purchase a crate of beer in the local corner store” that went viral a couple of years ago) I wasn’t too satisfied with the end results and searched “drunken animals” on Archive.orgthe best damn site for all things in the public domain – and came up with this footage from a French documentary about life on the savannah. Edit during your lunch break and there ya go!


A Lil’ Taste

March 27, 2012

Well, my collaborator Staffan Andersson (who sang and played guitars in Swedish pop outfit Monroe) still has some work to finish up on some of the tracks, but  A Little Bit Tipsy off The Norliss Tapes‘ debut EP is 100% finished, so I decided to make it available on Bandcamp as a little taste of things to come.

Check ’em out and keep your eyes peeled for the release of the complete EP!


Coming soon!

March 26, 2012

Well, I’ve been posting news about this a couple of times so far, but The Norliss Tapes debut EP just isn’t finished yet. It takes some time to finish up the material, but now it looks like we’re finally coming ’round to actually have the songs ready. Until then, I decided to finish up the sleeve for this (so far) digital release. With the music being somewhat weird amalgam of 60s lounge and modern “dance” music, I tried to go with artwork with the similar feel.

Again, this was the most unusual way I’ve produced music so far. Editing samples and rythms from various forms of exotica, lounge jazz and other types of vintage schmaltz and then sending them to another musician for him to add, deduct, edit etc, was fun and always made me pleasantly surprised! I’m looking forward to see it released and then start working on a second release. Again, a little teaser video that’s making its rounds on YouTube:


(Yet More) Posters

March 22, 2012

Well, I’ve been digging through the “archives” a lot lately unearthing lots of stuff I just plain forgot ever having made! Didn’t think I was that prolific, but there ya go. This poster was made for Mexican deathmetal outfit Ultratumba (who I later made two CD sleeves for), but if my memory serves me correct this wasn’t a gig poster per se as much as a promotional thing for the band. Looks pretty cool and I definitely remember this as one of the first works I did trying out using as few colors as possible.

There’s tons of unused artwork, sketches etc. left and right now I’m actually contemplating throwing them out there for bands, labels, zines etc. to use because that’s my main focus when it comes to my work, getting it out there. Still haven’t made up my mind yet but I’m sure I’ll post something later on about it.


New Poster!

March 21, 2012

Well, not exactly. Here’s yet more artwork from the “archives”. This poster was done back in 2009 for the now-defunct promotors Warriors Växjö that organized various punk- and hardcore shows in my home town. We collaborated for at least a year – actually I think it was closer to two – and I loved working for these guys because they pretty much gave me free reign when it came to the designs.

I remember going to the show (on account of my own outfit playing that night) and the Linköping band Restless Knights completely blew me away. Amazing 90s styled hardcore with a heavy (pun intended) Poison Idea influence. The track below is taken from their I Wish I Was a Terrorist CD EP, available for free via their Bandcamp. Check it out here!


Commercial II

March 15, 2012

UK label Dead by Mono just released the promo video for the second installment in their No Way Out! compilation CD series, looking really good with some choice snippets from the artwork I made. It’s making its rounds on the WWW right now, so check it out and please share on your blog, Facebook etc!

The label has good distribution worldwide, but you can secure your copy of the CD via their official website here.


Ox Magazine

March 12, 2012

German music magazine Ox Magazine (focusing on all things punk/hardcore/garage etc.) just posted a want-ad on Facebook looking for graphic designers willing to do artwork for their compilation CDs (every issue comes with a free CD crammed with cool music).

So make sure you send in some samples of your work (via e-mail that is available on the Facebook ad) or send a link for your online portfolio. Good luck!


The Guitars!

March 8, 2012

Wow! I just wrote about these guys on TapeMix but wanted to plug ’em here as well. A quartet from Ohio, these guys released a 7 song EP last year crammed with a perfectly produced soul-pop that bring to mind a blend of Motown and 60s Bubblegum. Great musicianship, some serious songwriting talent and a great singer this is just an amazing record so make sure you check them out! Free downloads available via their Bandcamp.


Max Zorn

March 7, 2012

Wow! Dutch street artist Max Zorn (I don’t know if he’s related to famed Swedish artist Anders Zorn or the German mathematician) sure produces some interesting work using ordinary brown packing tape! Travelling throughout Europe his works have so far graced the streets from London, England down to Spain and Portugal.

His official website showcases tons of cool work and he even has a site on Facebook so make sure to check that out! Also, here’s a nice little clip from YouTube showing him at work:

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