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November 30, 2011

Got this via the Philbrook Museum of Art. This is just brilliant and funny. Remember, vigilance is the key in the war against pretension.


New Video!

November 29, 2011

Well, I guess I’ll have to eat my hat or something ’cause I just finished up a new video for the second batch of demos I recorded the previous weekend. Guess I couldn’t just sit around and watch my toenails grow for the rest of the year after all. First up is Ginger, using footage from the 1971 exploitation classic with the same name starring Cheri Caffaro. The director Don Schain moved on and is now actually a producer at Disney of all places! Who’d thunk it?

Anyway, I think this turned out great and hopefully it’ll create some stir for the band on YouTube. Sent it to the guys at Blank TV as well, and with a bit of luck they might add it to their playlist. Ginger the movie was actually a hit spawning two sequels. They’ve been rereleased on DVD, so check ’em out if you want some tongue-in-cheek nudity coupled with violence and general bad-assity. You’ll find it at Amazon.


More demos

November 24, 2011

Well, I finally got around to finish up the new demo tracks I recorded for during the weekend! Five of ’em are uploaded to our Bandcamp – including my personal fave One Way Ticket – so make sure to give ’em a spin here.

The sleeve itself was pretty easy peasy to do. Didn’t really have any ideas what to do with it, so I grabbed one of my Japanese toy robots from the sixties, put an old UV-lamp in front of it and just blasted away with my cheap digital camera. Looks pretty good.

And that sums up all my music “to do’s” for 2011! Now I’m just gonna spend the remaining weeks of this year watching my toenails grow…



November 21, 2011

Whoof! Ask me about my weekend and I’ll probably reply with an exhausted “I don’t remember anymore!” followed by me curling up in fetal position and crying myself to sleep. November 18th to 19th was spent locked up in the studio to record eleven new demos for the upcoming Cymatics‘ album and I can’t say there was a lot of time for such luxuries as sleep or even food. Haven’t finished up the mixes yet but the rough for Ginger turned out pretty cool, so for a limited time it’ll be available on our Bandcamp so check it out here.


Kodak Moment (squared)

November 17, 2011

It’s already X-Mas in my inbox! Got the first photo emailed to me from Ana at Dead by Mono Records today. Looks really neat and the label is really stoked about it! Second photo was sent from Stefan at No Balls Records in Germany. The split Halloween 7″ pic disc I made the art for is out and he’s equally stoked by my work. Looks like I’ve got me some pretty cool packages coming in the mail pretty soon!


Dead by Mono

November 16, 2011

Here we go! Got the go ahead from the label yesterday so here’s the finished art for the Now Way Out! Vol. 2 CD out pretty soon! I wanted to create a somewhat “infernal circus” feel to it in the beginning and after some changes this is the finished result – pretty cool! The sleeve folds out into a big poster and the promotional poster seen here pretty much resembles it.

The label got the CD’s from the pressing plant and are pretty stoked by the end results so I am really looking forward to receiving my package. Pics will be posted as soon as I get it.


Cerebral Ballzy

November 15, 2011

Well, to be honest it is kinda weird seeing how today’s generation are getting into the classic hardcore sounds of the 80’s, and suddenly bands that offers up a brand of music that was deemed “unlistenable” twenty years ago are featured in all the big music magazines and getting some heavy rotation on various music channels today. But unlike some bitter old men in the underground scene I’m loving it! I wrote about Keith Morris‘ new project OFF! some time ago – and missed their show in Malmö on account of the typical “no funds” that plague a lot of people these days – and Brooklyn’s finest Cerebral Ballzy offers up more of the same classic high-speed aggression that makes old farts like me misty eyed of nostalgia and kids excited ’cause it sure as hell is way more exciting than the usual crap that gets labeled rock’n’roll these days.

Just a bunch of kids from the mean streets of New York – thank God for that ’cause the usual rich kid rebels got me gagging!!! – blasting through their songs like there was no tomorrow. Check out their official site here and their debut album is actually available at Amazon. And visit their channel on YouTube for more videos!



November 15, 2011

Wow! Been kinda busy lately with practicing eleven new songs for a second demo recording coming soon, plus doing tons of promos in order to get some attention for The Cymatics. Was still kinda dumbfounded when I recently saw that UK based music magazine New Musical Express started to feature the video I made for Hang Out on their official site – but I sure as hell ain’t complaining!

I’m pretty convinced it’s all on account of Blank TV adding it to their Halloween playlist – plus, it’s kinda funny but don’t take my word for that, just check out The Funniest here – so I’m more than grateful to the guys. Check it out here.

In other news I finished all the artwork for Dead By Mono‘s No Way Out! Vol. 2 compilation and as soon as I get the “go ahead” I’ll post it here.


Blank TV II

November 2, 2011

Well, I’ve been losing a lot of sleep lately on account of the daylight’s savings up here in Scandinavia – been waking up between 4 and 4:30 am every day – but even though I’m in a sorta Zombie Mode right now I was still pretty thrilled to see the new Cymatics video passed a thousand views on Blank TV! Sure, they’ve got approx. 500 million viewers (wanna talk good ratings?) but I was still surprised to see it get so many views in such a short time. I’m gonna talk to Joel about maybe adding Gimme a Call to their playlist, so with a bit of luck it might get some more views in the near future.

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