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December 11, 2012

Tom telling it like it is.

Well, freelance artist Tom Hodge, aka The Dude Designs just posted this on his official Facebook page, and not only did I decide to share it, but also partake in the discussion about the (sad) state of art, music and movies etc. these days. Brace youself kiddies ’cause Angry Old Fart just found an ally and had gallons of gasoline poured on his fire! Read more here.


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December 2, 2011

More peeps with really cool jobs! Tom Hodge at The Dude Designs not only have good movie taste – spot the Big Lebowski reference? – he also does some really good stuff for video and dvd-releases as well as classic posters! Odds are if you’re into genre movies you’ve already seen some of his work! Modern stuff like Hobo With a Shotgun and the very Meyers-esque Pervert! but also classic stuff like Savage Streets starring Linda Blair! Check it out here!


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