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Optic Candy

October 22, 2013

Well, this is pretty damn cool: Just got hepped to the works of Peter Ahern and Amy Pisco (aka Optic Candy) and you gotta check this out. A perfect juxtaposition of cute and disturbing (kinda like my dates, ha ha ha), the couple (?) focus on mainly animation with some cool artwork thrown in for good measure.

Their portfolio is pretty impressive with works done for Nickelodeon, The Walking Dead and a French yoghurt manufacturer I’m not too sure people in the States have heard of. Check out their blog at and their official YouTube channel here. How about a show reel?



October 4, 2013

Well, here’s something that’s both funny and cute: Union Pool‘s series Bunnies. Created and produced by Jennifer Shiman, these animated shorts re-enacts various films in one minute or less – with an all bunny cast.

There’s tons of bite-size toons to be enjoyed – all available via their official YouTube channel – but considering the season I chose to focus on the more (classic) Halloween side of things. Check out Evil Dead II, Alien, The Wolfman, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (although I’m a bit miffed they chose the remake), The Shining, and George Romero‘s Night of the Living Dead.

How ’bout one more to sink your teeth into?


The Modern Day Holocaust

September 30, 2013

It’s online! The video for Robert Boud‘s new project The Modern Day Holocaust featuring Call Me Greenhorn‘s Cutthroats at Midnight. Now, I already stated my opinion on this, so here’s what Robert had to say about it:

The images display the horrors the Jewish people went through all those years ago, but does so by showing other faiths in their place and with them. The reason being, is that this could have happened to any faith and still could if we don’t put a stop to persecution and racism. To give things a more modern perspective and a greater sense of how this MAY be relevant to today’s society it features some political symbolism you should recognise.

Check it out, visit Robert’s blog here and his official Facebook here.


Cutthroats at Midnight (video)

September 29, 2013
copyright Robert Boud 2013!

copyright Robert Boud 2013!

Well, as I just finished watching the video for Robert Boud‘s series The Holocaust twice, I found myself utterly speechless by the results. Ironically enough it gave me the urge to say something, or at least try to sum up how watching it made me feel. And analyzing that makes me realize we’re onto something pretty damn good here. When was the last time something gave you goosebumps?

I know I jest with the “art is the enemy” tag – my problem has never been with “art” per se, but rather some of the ridiculous pretensions that comes along with it –  as I feel that true art should affect you in some way or another. Either make you angry, or laugh, or – as in this case – render you utterly speechless with its visceral power. After the initial viewing all I could muster up was a quiet, mumbly  “wow”. This is as dark, ugly, and vicious as the insanities that took place in Europe 70 years ago. It’s like a punch in the gut, a kick in the balls, affirming me that at such a young age, Robert’s already onto creating something that truly grabs you.

The video is some damn powerful stuff and I found myself holding my breath towards the end of it – and I’m familiar with both the song and the imagery, ha ha ha. I’m looking forward to Robert making it official so I can share it with you guys. ‘Til then you should join him on Facebook here.


Ramones Cartoon

September 9, 2013

Oh man, do I wish I’d stumbled across this video in time for August 18! A friend in New York hepped me to stelos485 (sorry, couldn’t find any name) who creates various cartoon music videos for bands like The Beatles and Bad Brains, but most importantly The Ramones!

This is sheer fan-boy joy to watch! There’s a Bedrock version of Listen To My Heart, a Twilight Zone-inspired I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement (you’ve seen the movie Don’t Go Down in the Basement btw?), Judy is a Punk, and – my personal fave – a grindhouse version of Chain Saw that sees the bruddahs smack-dab in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre going head to head with the Sawyer family!

This is just brilliant! Go check out his YouTube channel here. Now!



May 31, 2013

copyright? I got this via

copyright? I got this via

Whoa Nellie! Well, I’ve been made aware that I have a tendency to blitz through things and just don’t leave enough time – or room – to fully promote the stuff I do. I gotta admit that is a character trait of mine. I’m so engulfed in the creation part of the process that once I’m finished with it I kinda just leave it and move on to the next thing. So with that in mind, here’s a sampler of what I’ve done lately and your chance to catch up with it all:

The Jimmy C – The Man Who Never Dies (REMIX EP 2013)

Featuring my three remixes of the title track. Check it out here.

Call Me Greenhorn – The Harvester

A brand-new, bit darker track that won’t appear on the coming S/T album due to be released in June. Check it out on my SoundCloud as well.

Call Me Greenhorn – Here Comes Gorbot (video)

New video for the CMGH2 aka The Abandoned Project album directed by Robert Griffith from The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West, starring Olivia Dunkley and Jerry Kokich – the latter as Gorbot. Good fun! Check it out on my YouTube as well.

Call Me Greenhorn – The Titan Was Deemed Unsinkable

The first “darker” track that actually will be included on CMGH‘s debut. I love 70′s Jamaican dub and I’m satisfied with the results. Check that one out on my SoundCloud while you’re at it.

Call Me Greenhorn – Armageddon Dub (video)

And finally we have the kick-ass video for Armageddon Dub directed by brilliant UK photographer Robert Boud. His haunting imagery was a perfect fit for this track and I’m so stoked he agreed to do this. Check out the single on my Bandcamp here and the video on YouTube here, and make sure to visit his official page for a taste of his other works!

So there we go! Make sure you spread this around and stay tuned for more updates!


“Hey Hey I’m Greenhorn…”

May 23, 2013

Hey peeps, make sure to check out the 31st episode of The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West available now! Entitled Operazione: Video Musicale it’s a silly and fun romp that is very Monkees-esque and featuring music videos for Call Me Greenhorn and Jerry Kokich‘s I Am Superseven as well as The Jimmy C‘s Sandra West Theme and Clear Today.

Taken from the recently-released They Call Me Superseven OST that is still available on my Bandcamp. Nineteen tracks in total that were written for or inspired by the series. Tons of goodies. Check it out below and tell your friends!


Tub o’ Horror

May 21, 2013

This is pretty damn neat: A fan video of original grungers – yes, they pretty much help invent the damn genre – Steel Pole Bath Tub‘s Train to Miami using footage from the Spanish horror classic Horror Express. It’s a win, baby! Taken from their 1993 album The Miracle of Sound in Motion released on Boner Records.

The ‘Tub was an aquired taste, but I am personally convinced that their brand of ugly noise and twisted drones was the initial seedling that later evolved to the doom and sludge sounds found in today’s metal scene. Along with outfits like The Melvins (whom they shared label with) they took the first steps towards stoner rock – to much chagrin from the underground community that was too hung up on not allowing bands to create whatever the hell popped into their heads insisting a maintenance of the status quo – and IMO you’d gotta be pretty damn deaf to miss that one.

The 1972 outing Horror Express is actually one of my personal faves in the genre. During the 80′s I spent many late Thursday nights glued to Super Channel as they aired cheap (?) horror movies and this mummy/zombie/evil creature feature made quite an impression on me. Considered to be in the public domain you can actually download it legally via or watch it in full on YouTube.


Here Comes Gorbot!

May 15, 2013

Well, after that less-than-optimistic previous post it’s time for some kick-ass news that’s actually been months in the making. Time to premiere the video for Call Me Greenhorn‘s Here Comes Gorbot – off the coming CMGH2 aka The Abandoned Project album! Directed by Robert Griffith it stars Jerry Kokich and Olivia Dunkley from The Adventures of Superseven and Sandra West web series – Olivia at her best Fay Wray and Jerry doing some great work as the King Kong-esque Gorbot, one of my fave criminal characters from the series.

The album itself will feature eleven tracks that actually were abandoned once I started creating music using Reason 6.5 in early 2013 – which if nothing else should tell you how much of a difference said DAW is to work with compared to other software available today. There’s nothing wrong with the tracks per se, it’s just that once I got into Reason I felt it was a second phase and that initial work just didn’t cut it. If memory serves me correct the video was shot in November 2012 and the songs were created some time during fall of said year.

Anyway, the album is due to be released later on this month complete with bonus tracks and the video. In the meantime check it out and share away! Cheers!

UPDATE: I’m stoked to announce that the video has been selected top pick at! Check it out here and if you install their application you can even watch it on your iPhone!


Call Me Greenhorn – Armageddon Dub (video)

May 7, 2013

I looked and there before me was a pale horse. Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him…

Yes, here we go: Proudly announcing that the video for Call Me Greenhorn‘s Armageddon Dub is now up and running! Directed by Robert Boud it’s based on his great photo project Aftermath Apocalypse and fits the bleak industrial sounds of the song just perfectly. I already written about how the song was conceived, but my stats show you guys sure don’t like to click stuff, so it all began with me trying out both some new parallel processing techniques as well as getting to know the utterly insane Russian VST Molot one weekend, getting an initial basic track finished late on Friday evening and going to bed ending up having the worst nightmare in years.

With a heavy Walking Dead feel, the nightmare kinda freaked me out and I spent that Saturday trying to re-create the desolate feel of it and ended up with a weird, industrial soundtrack to go with the pretty standard meat-and-potatoes Dub rhythm track. Totally satisfied with the results I was kinda taken aback by the sheer darkness of the damn thing and am still scratching my head how it just kinda jumped out of me. Where the hell did that come from? Anyway, as much as I like the song I’m not adding it to the coming full length as its feel just differs from the rest of the material too damn much.

Now, if you wanna talk synchronicity let’s rewind roughly two weeks where I’m a bit bummed out about not having the equipment to edit new Greenhorn videos (I switched computers early 2013) and am trying to figure out just when and how to get something rolling when I jot down my little post about the Necronomicon Ex Mortis iPhone Case and wouldn’t you know somewhere in the UK was Robert reading it, clicking “like” and the next thing I’m checking out his portfolio and being blown away by his work – with the rest being history. Like I already stated he was perfect for the job as his imagery fits the feel of the song so good it’s eerie.

So make sure you check out the video on YouTube, it has been added as a download bonus goodie on Bandcamp so check that one out here, and please pay Robert a visit on his official site to check out his portfolio ’cause it’s damn good work. And if you wanna try out the insane Molot VST you can do so here.


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