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Aftermath Apocalypse Photography

April 24, 2013

Yes! Might have some kick-ass news coming soon – if nothing else a future post regarding the phenomena “synchronicity” – but up until then make sure you check out UK photographer Robert Boud‘s video project Aftermath Apocalypse Photography on YouTube. It’s pretty stark imagery but still oddly beautiful.


Phone Us!

April 24, 2013


Okay, I need an iPhone now goddammit! Get the Necronomicon Ex Mortis iPhone Case via that offers a wide variety on this iconic pop-culture artifact.

UPDATE: Sorry, but I was way off on this one. The specific design seen on the photo was created by one Phil ‘Fel’ Young! No official website as far as I know, but you’ll find the guy on Facebook. Maybe he accepts orders? Zazzle still got some pretty nifty designs available, but if you’re looking for that one you’re better off trying Facebook. My bad.

UPDATE 2: Thanks to Joe Banks who hepped me to the official Facebook page where you can order your copy of this awesome iPhone case. The link is  so go check it out! Cheers, Joe!



April 7, 2013


Did you featherpussy out who error you horse? Prepare to wet yourself with laughter as BuzzFeed‘s collection The 30 Most Hilarious Autocorrect Struggles Ever easily is one of the funniest post I’ve read in ages. I am not joking. Just collecting the most epic fails found when it comes to that annoying lil’ gadget. And some of these had me laughing so hard my cheeks were wet with tears.

Anyway, less talk and more click, Dick. I posted two faves here – and made sure I didn’t use the killer ones – so check ‘em all out here! Oh, and keep in mind the language is pretty NSFW, so check it out at home where no one has a problem if you’re enjoying yourself. Skittletits bitchgobblet!



Spam Spam Spam Egg and Spam

April 3, 2013
Copyright? I don't know if douche bags claim it.

Copyright? I don’t know if douche bags claim it. Click to enlarge.

Well, I’ve already written about this, but here’s the latest spam mail found in my inbox. And it’s actually a bit more convincing than the previous “I’ve transaction for you” that I received the last time, so I’m guessing English lessons or at least dictionaries are somewhat increasing in sales in whatever country these are generated (China?). Too bad about the “Dear Sir/Madam” part though, ’cause even though I’m a huge fan of Ed Wood‘s Glen or Glenda? I am very secure in my gender identity.

Anyway, this along with the increase of that other form of spam that includes commenting or liking other people’s blogs in order to generate interest/traffic to their get-rich-quick schemes et. al. got me thinking of what good ol’ Bill Hicks had so say about the phenomenon, and even though I would never encourage a fellow human being to actually off themselves, I’d still like to extend a wish they’d just fuck off and die find something else to do with their time.

While on the subject:


Duck Art – Let’s Dance

April 3, 2013
Artist unknown, public domain.

Artist unknown, public domain.

This is too funny: Sent to me via Aussie musician The Jimmy C – who’s also a graphic designer – we have proof that a duck actually is an instrument! I kept telling him and I’m satisfied there’s finally some proof to back up that statement. Now, if he just stopped asking me how you tune the damn thing. I won’t tell but I’ll let you in on a secret: The trick is in the thumb.

Speaking of duck rock: Here’s Call Me Greenhorn‘s Squawky!. It’s silly. Check it out.


Pic o/t Week!

March 31, 2013
copyright ???

copyright ???

Happy Easter! You go on and celebrate any which way you want and don’t let the haters stop you!


You got Mothered

March 7, 2013


Yeah, the next time she asks I’m just gonna tell her foreign men pay me to play with my organ.


Pic o/t Year!

February 20, 2013
'You drive me ape...'

‘You drive me ape…’

Now, I’m just putting this out there: My birthday’s April 5th. I’m just sayin’. That’s right, April 5th. Bring banana liqueur.


‘What Do You Love?’

February 14, 2013
He really do.

He really do.

Well, it is the day of love after all, so have a great Valentine’s Day all you lovers out there! If you’re feeling especially amorous get me this t-shirt via 80! I’m not kidding. Check it out here.


Pic o/t Week

February 13, 2013
F- for effort.

F- for effort.

Well, this certainly isn’t very a fancy pic to share, but it’s the spam mail of the day. And you wanna talk lazy? I mean, c’mon, who’s gonna fall for a ill-composed ‘I’ve a transaction for you’ where the writer didn’t even take the time to finish the sentence with a period? What, you can’t even put that amount of effort into your scam? Geez, I’m sorry guys, but the Nigerian 419 emails at least had savvy. And politeness. They were actually kinda cute in their level of sheer bullshit. Even though I never grasped who on Earth would ever fall for such a ruse I always appreciated their tone and, well, good manners and can honestly say I enjoyed every single one I received and read. Take this example (courtesy

From: “Nicolas Usando”<>
Subject: From Nicolas Usando
Reply-To: <>

From Nicolas Usando
Abidjan-Cote D’Ivoire
West -Africa.

Dear Sir.

It is my pleasure to contact you , and to confined on you as regards this transaction.

I am Mr. Nicolas Usando From Abidjan-Cote D’ Ivoire ,The Only Surviving Son of Late Mr. S.H Usando . My father before his untimely death was an Exporter of Cocoa and Gold . My Father was a Victim Of civil War that took Place in our country Last year 2011. Before his death , He deposited the Total Sum of FIVE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND US DOLLARS (USD $ 5,500.000.00 ) in the Bank for my inheritance. Based on the political situation of my country , I humbly seek your assistance to help me receive this money in your account and help me invest it in your country.I humbly offer you 25% of the total sum for your assistance.

My Full story, and details as regards this transaction will be given to you upon your reply.

Waiting to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely .

Nicolas Usando

Like, take the initial ‘Dear Sir’ – with a capital ‘S’ even! Shit, man, if that doesn’t make you wanna put on a goddamn tie and remove a majority of the crumbs in your three-day stubble before you continue reading I don’t know what will. Hell, stroking the ego is a brilliant way of sucking someone into your scam! We all love flattery – and those that claim they don’t lie about it because they’re just not ready to accept they too can be shallow – and psychologically it breaks down resistance for the information that’s about to follow. I mean, have you dated, sir? Like, ever? Plus, to make this seem even more legit they start it off by giving out an address – obviously fraudulent, but hey, who’s got the time to hit Google Earth every five minutes? – that sounds kinda neat and exotic. Obscure enough you wouldn’t recognize it unless you had some major geography lessons in school, and definitely not something you would have read about in the local newspaper.

The next step is of course giving the reader the offer of a lifetime. While proving yourself (as the writer) to be willing to be defrauded yourself! Now, that is some brilliant manipulation going on right there! ‘Hey, man! I’ve got a cool five-point-five million I need to get outta here, and I was kinda hoping you would be willing to help me with this while not taking advantage of my situation, or rip me off.’ This gives the reader a false sense of power – a sense of being on top of the whole game, which couldn’t be any farther from the truth – and with personal greed now going ‘ding! ding! ding!’ (and possibly even setting off some fireworks while releasing the clowns), the mark is going to throw caution to the wind, answer the email and well, end up on the front page of the local newspaper, photographed with hands up in the air and a headline that states ‘It seemed legit at the time!’

Now, being fascinated by psychology – along with quantum physics I consider it a sort of hobby – I went through a bunch of these a couple of years ago and was actually struck by how the manipulation process actually involved the baser, less attractive traits of human nature. Or, if you’re a Christian, the seven deadly sins. Mainly we’re talking greed and vanity, but I’ve seen examples exploiting envy and well, since you’re reading this on the internet I’m guessing we don’t have to mention the use of lust in order to defraud people.

Anyway, sorry ’bout the rant. Long story short: I never thought I’d say I miss the old Nigerian spam emails.The kids these days, huh? Just couldn’t be bothered to even make a decent effort.


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